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Care & Safety Instructions for your Concrete Homewares items

All our products are handmade and can therefore vary in colour, shape and texture. Concrete is of porous nature and contains air bubbles that give all our pieces their unique look.

Stains can be removed by simply washing your item with warm soapy water. Concrete home wares can be placed into the dishwasher, however the natural sealer which has been applied will wear off after a while.

Please do not let any wet or oily foods get in contact with your Concrete Homewares pieces. They have been designed for decorative purposes only and are therefore not recommended to be used as culinary utensils (except when protected by a shell or skin such as fruit, eggs in their shell and Salt & Pepper). Please ensure that Concrete Home wares are not placed inside the microwave or near heat such as an oven.


Return Policy
Please choose your item size and colour carefully as we do not accept returns due to incorrect selection. If your item arrives damaged due to transportation, please get in touch with us and we can organise a refund. All items need to be returned with the original packaging and order receipt. 



We are aiming for all orders to be shipped within 3-5 business days. Once shipment has been made, you will receive an automated Email from the system with a tracking number (within Australia only).  Concrete Homewares is not responsible for any taxes or fees that may apply at customs. The fees are being paid by the customer.



If you prefer not to share your credit card details online, please get in touch with us and we can organise an alternative way of payment via Pay Pal.


We will not sell, trade or share any of the information you supply. 

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